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SEP. 2022 - DEC. 2023

Sweetpea Aesthetics is a fine line tattoo and piercing artist, master aesthetician, and educator.


My client’s main goal when I took over this account was to showcase the artist’s work, create educational posts, design graphics, be consistent in posting, and gain more followers. Through a strategized plan and creating a brand guideline, we were able to stay consistent and cohesive in posting. This allowed the account to grow from 10,000 followers to 15,700 followers in about one year. We saw a constant positive growth in accounts reached, accounts engaged, and total followers.


Along with being the social media manager for the Sweetpea Aesthetics Instagram, I designed several graphics used throughout marketing, training materials (training manuals, digital products, graphics used in trainings), and Sweetpea Aesthetic’s website!

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